It had been over two years since I had stayed at the downtown Chicago Marriott. I hardly recognized the lobby interior given their renovation since my last stay. But, the desk clerk assumed I had the memory of an elephant and said, “You stayed on the 31st floor on the West side last time you were here. Would you like a similar room on that same floor again?” I said, “Sure.” But to be completely honest nothing about my last stay was in my memory banks. I stay in hotels almost every week and they tend to run together.

“I see in your profile,” she continued, “that you prefer points over a complimentary snack. But, I want you to have this complimentary bottle of water. We have a new coffee in the rooms that’s really great and I’ll bet you will want to make it with bottled water in the morning instead of tap water from the bathroom.” I was starting to feel at home. I almost expected my favorite desk chair to be waiting on me and my laptop.

Fast forward two days later. My laundry forgot I like my shirts folded, not on a hanger. The teller at my local branch asked for my ID before she would cash my check. And, the waitress at the local diner where I frequently have breakfast asked me how I preferred they cook my eggs. They all must have lost my page in their Rolodexes.

Customers today like their service personalized. With the proliferation of part-time employees and turnover, it is crucial service providers find ways to keep their “Rolodex” of customer intelligence up-to-date and available. When customers feel the impact of “we know you,” it not only elevates their loyalty, it enhances your bottom line.