Warning: Crude language ahead!

Today, we continue our count down to National Customer Service Week with this great example of winning customers’ loyalty through humor. Michael Dubin used a wacky YouTube video to introduce his company, Dollar Shave Club, to the world. Dollar Shave Club is a Ventura, CA based online business that targets men and sells shaving parapenalia and now toilet wipes. The title of Dubin’s video is “Our blades are f***ing great!” His unique brand of toilet paper was introduced with another YouTube video entitled, “Let’s talk about #2.”

Their wacky fun strategy, however, is more than just clever ads. It extends into the packaging with quotes like: “’I like shaving with a dull razor.’ –No one, ever.” All customer reviews are posted. However, the ones highlighted as “Enlightened Customer #164” echo the same irreverent, in your face style as their videos. “I save $100/yr on shaving now. Basically, I’m a genius”—Jeff. Or, “One wipe Charlie’s changed my whole life”—Ryan S.

The keystone to Dubin’s success was knowing precisely the audience he was targeting and using a style, message and product strategy that would appeal. The Women’s Missionary Union at the Hardshell Baptist Church would likely find Dubin’s approach to be crude, leud and rude. However, the Gen X upwardly mobile male population would more likely register it as cool, clever and refreshingly honest.

Strategic fit, like humor, is in the eye of the beholder. But, Dubin’s irreverent product launch is a super reminder that fun can be a great tool for ramping up customer loyalty. Look for ways to make your customers giggle this National Customer Service Week!

Tune in tomorrow for Number 8 in our countdown to National Customer Service Week. Oh, and if you missed yesterday’s episode, you can find it here.

Photo Credit: George Redgrave, via Flickr