Andrea Cassell is an award-winning author of children’s books featuring her dog, Kibby, a miniature labradoodle that teaches life lessons. When Kibby died of cancer, the family had to cancel their long-planned holiday trip. The Delta Airlines contact center operator spent enough extra time on the phone to learn she was speaking with the author of books that had made a major impact on her young, bullied son. Not only did she accommodate the Cassell’s last-minute airline cancellation and extend the deadline for using their no-refund tickets, but Delta also sent a giant care package of goodies, a note of condolence, and a heartwarming sign that read, “Heaven should have visiting hours.” Author Andrea penned an article celebrating the compassionate spirit of the call rep and Delta Airlines.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Disney theme parks, TD Bank, and are all organizations that have benefited from heartwarming expressions of extravagance that gain them over-the-top social media that goes viral. Again, it does not require a steady diet of indulgence. A once-in-a-while gesture communicates the character of the organization to the marketplace. The key is communicating random acts of kindness to all associates to give them the authority and guidance to demonstrate generosity effectively.