1. Make me smarter…it helps me keep up with my ever-changing world.

2. Help me do it myself…I enjoy feeling self-sufficient.

3. Make the response fast … but don’t sacrifice quality—quick and rushed are not the same.

4. Help me customize the experience like I want it.

5. Anchor your offering to a cause I believe in.  Good works sell.

6. Entertain me.  Make the experience bright, shiny and positively memorable.

7. Don’t invade my privacy; and, never let me worry about whether you know too much about me.

8. Respect my time by making your offering super easy to deal with.

9. Anticipate my needs…it tells me you really understand me.

10. Treat me with respect when things go wrong … not some cheap, generic atonement unmatched to the incident.

11. Never take me for granted.  I will drop you in a heartbeat.

12. When you make a mistake, tell me the truth and show you care.

13. Link me to a professional team, not a single person who may leave or be on vacation when I have a need.

14. My time is just as important as my funds … maybe more.

15. Help me integrate …link stuff together to increase the efficiency of my life.

16. Life is complex:  Make your service simple.

17. Life is harried:  Make your service calm and peaceful.

18. Life can be shallow:  Make your service have resonance, enrichment and depth.

19. Life can be painful:  Make your service joyful.

20. Life can be lonely:  Make your service a valued connection.

Photo Credit: Flickr via Tal Bright