We sometimes credit Christopher Columbus with discovering America in 1492. But, frankly America was not lost. If there was a discovery involved, Leif Erikson had taken care of it 500 years earlier. The truth be told, Christopher was not hunting for a new world. He was searching for a trade route to the Far East to locate and import spices. In Chris’s day, spices like cinnamon, clove and pepper were as valuable as gold.

On his exploration he encountered Jamaica. On that visit he was introduced to allspice and chili, two brand new spices that would forever alter cooking. Over five hundred year later, all manner of curries, stews, breads cookies and soaps are far tastier, thanks to this Italian explorer. Plus, his stories about his courageous voyages created a permanent European connection with the Americas and launched exploration, conquest, and colonization that would last several centuries.

The pursuit of service spice can have a similar impact on customers. It can brighten their life much like enjoying chili around a campfire. Innovative service is all about add the spice of service. For those delivering service, it can enhance work life in the same manner. We all enjoy being the creator of smiles and swoons.

But most importantly, service with spice can enrich the relationship with the customer leading to expanded opportunities of further service. And, when customers return from the new world of innovative service, they bring with them compelling stories that entice others to want to enjoy.