I love Halloween. It comes with permission to dress up as something or someone else giving you the license behind the mask to be very silly and extreme. The accouterments that accompany this special day are also super cool—pumpkins with scary faces and candles inside, witches on broomsticks, spiders in webs, ghosts, and the best part—extra candy! When I was growing up, we made Halloween over-the-top. But, my best memory of Halloween was going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a cult film. Most people who went to see it had seen a gazillion times. Everyone knew the plot, and best of all knew all the lines. There are places in the movie where the entire theatre does response lines with the actors on the big screen. There are places where everyone gets up and dances in the aisles.  Patrons bring special props like umbrellas and water guns and show up dressed as the characters in the movie.  It is more than a film; it is a shared experience that links everyone in the theatre much like the kinship of fans at a World Series game.

The Rocky Horror Picture show is a metaphor for great service. It trades on a collaborative experience in which the characters on the screen blend with the characters in the theatre. It is a connection that is kinetic and exciting. It is an inclusive experience that turns the spectator into contributor; observer into an actor. It excites as it invites. What are ways you can involve your customers in the performance of service? How can you hook their uninhibited and passionate engagement in the delivery of a service experience?

Halloween is a time of engagement. Doorbells signal hopeful children at your doorstep seeking generosity and a willing participant in their imaginary charm. Your customers are at your doorstep with the same pursuit. Find new ways to lasso their loyalty by engaging their participation in your special show!