It all started at one of those traveling fairs…the ones that set up in the parking lot of a shopping center with a few rides and attractions. She boasted she could guess your age for a dollar. If she got it wrong, you got to pick out a stuffed toy. Here talent lay in her ability to ask you a few questions and attentively read your reactions. If you were clueless on how the trick was done, it seemed like a miracle! Like patrons at a fair, customers love it when you surprise them with what you know about them.

Kauffman Tire in Woodstock, GA enjoys taking their customers’ breath away with their own special form of Clairvoyance. When Steve Holloran walked in the store to purchase a tire, he was greeted with, “Welcome back, Mr. Steve.” He was blown away since he not visited the store in long time. Pressing the clerk a bit closer on the secret of his incredible memory, the clerk reluctantly admitted how the magic was performed. “When you pulled in the parking lot, we plugged in your license plate number into the computer and then cross referenced the name with our records. We knew you were a prior customer by the time you got to our front door!” Advocate Steve has repeated his special story over and over. How can you take your customers breath away?