‘Twas the night before conference and all through the hall,

not a vendor was stirring, no emails no calls.

The banners were hung ‘ore the expo hall floor,

and signage was out by each breakout room door

Attendees were nestled in hotel room beds,

while visions of networking danced in their heads.

And I with my beeper, my cell phone on mute,

had just reached the office with latte to suit.

The room was all cluttered, a messy stage crew,

I elected to skip it and relax with my brew.

When out in the hallway a sound with such might,

startled me up from my peaceful and quiet!

I saw from my office a sight for sore eyes,

an A-list great speaker with special surprise.

A keynote, a breakout, and all without fee,

my budget was joyful; my boss would show glee.

“It’s Christmas,” he told me, “My present to you,

I hope you enjoy it, I bid you adieu.”

The wake up call brought me right out of my dream,

I smiled as I thought of the speaker’s kind theme.

I thought of his gesture, I’d work to project,

to offer up more than my colleagues expect.

The holidays teach us to share and provide,

may gift be your manner; may joy be your guide