I walked into the restaurant at the Park Inn west of Harrisburg, PA. From the back of the restaurant I heard, “Good morning, how would you like your coffee?” When I said black, the voice warmly responded, “Take any table you like and I’ll have your coffee there before you can sit down!”

My day was off like a colorful merry-go-round!

“I’m Sandy. Do I get the pleasure of serving you today?” she asked as she served my coffee and handed me the menu. The breakfast was perfect and served quickly.  Periodically, Sandy checked to make sure all was well. There was no chit-chat, just attentiveness, and lots of smiles aimed at my table.  I finished, folded up my newspaper, and requested my check. And, then it happened! 

Sandy brought my check along with a to-go cup of coffee fixed just the way I like it! “This is great!” I exclaimed. “You have no idea how much I needed a coffee to go today.” Sandy winked and responded, “It’s our gift to you!”


Folks, it does not get any better than that! I left her a tip almost as big as my breakfast tab and went straight to the manager on duty to compliment her over-the-top service. “I am so delighted,” he said, “But, I will tell you we get comments about Sandy every day. We have guests who tell us they drive way out of their way just get a shot of Sandy in the morning.”

When you think delivering extraordinary service is challenging, costly or complicated, just stop by Sandy’s place and she will be happy to help you learn the secrets. Happy National Customer Service Week!