National Customer Service Week is October 7-11, 2013. It is a week we spotlight the power and prosperity found in delivering an innovative customer experience. In the days leading up to Customer Service Week we will offer a key principle you can use to elevate the delight in your customers’ experience. We continue today with The Purpling Principle.

Paul had decided to pop “THE” question to Adrienne at lunch in the romantic, ten-table loft section of Tucson’s Smuggler’s Restaurant. Paul had requested the restaurant put “Adrienne, will you marry me?” on their marquee. But the restaurant decided to purple Paul and Adrienne. When Paul and Adrienne arrived, only his table remained in the roped off loft along with complimentary champagne. For the occasion, the staff had purchased linen, china, silver, and candelabras. His tab was under $40; his tip was over $100! And, Smuggler’s made no sales pitch to let them do his wedding reception. Their return was the sheer joy of getting to purple a frequent guest!

Pink is a girl color, but purple is a princess (or prince) color—a hue of nobility. The word is typically used as a noun or adjective; for granddaughters with an undying desire to be a princess, it is also a verb: “I will ‘purple’ you with my wand.” Think of it as the six-year-old version of knighting someone. After you have been “purpled,” you are to be always treated as a prince or princess.

What can you do to apply the PURPLING principle? Care about customers as special people not simply as subjects who are but a means to revenue. Surprise them with unexpected regal treatment. What if coffee in the reception area was served in china cups and saucers instead of Styrofoam cups? What if there were fresh flowers in the rest rooms? What if the visitor parking sign said ‘guest parking?’ Remove those spirit leeches who try to suck the ecstasy and elegance out of work by showing them your red-hot passion. Boldly summon customers on a journey to collective joy much like a child welcoming a close friend to a tree house filled with secrets.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow! Up next, The Speed Limit 23 MPH Principle.