My cousin, Joann Wall, recently passed away in her eighties, She had been in poor health for a long time.  During her eulogy at her funeral the minister quoted a passage from Proverbs 31 that outlined the features of a virtuous woman…”and on her tongue was the law of kindness.”  His reading of the scripture was followed by many stories told by family members of a woman who was the epitome of kindness–a lover of children with a constant manner that was always optimistic, positive and generous!

We often speak of kindness as a ‘random act’–an attribute of people who are courteous, caring and benevolent.  We teach our children to be kind to animals and to each other.  It is one of the qualities of a Boy Scout.  And, it can be a powerful dimension of innovative service.

Service providers who are perpetually delivering an innovative service experience are ruled by the law of kindness.  This means kindness is not a whimsical gesture or accidental effort. They view the whole world through the lens of kindness. Like Joann, they are not kind because that is what they do; they demonstrate kindness because that is who they are. It is their nature, not their method; their outlook, not just their style.

Service providers that follow the law of kindness treat all customers like it is their birthday. They assume command of the simple, but endearing gestures that communicate attentiveness and personalization. They take all obtrusive effort and needless hassle out of all service encounters.  And, they celebrate their customers’ special moments and unique tastes. Put your unit or organization under the direction of the law of kindness and watch your customer base grow along with your reputation and bottom line.