Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  But, if you have ever heard a giant dance organ with its happy calliope sounds and its art deco designs while thinking about customer service, you will quickly get the metaphor.

Dance organs were popular in the early 1900’s and provided music for dance halls initially throughout Europe.  They were literally full mechanical dance bands using punched paper or cardboard sheets like player pianos.  Just like great service providers, their musical, instrumental and artistic elaboration followed the trends in music.  When jazz was popular, they added brass instruments used in jazz.  Percussion instruments were later included to accommodate Latin sounds like the rumba and cha cha.  Likewise, they added a feature of self-service whereby coins could be inserted like a jukebox.  Their exterior façades were surprisingly colorful and also trailed the art preferences of the day.  Like innovative service, they were as visually stunning as they were musically enchanting.  The Dutch Decap Brothers were early masters at crafting these unique dance organs.

I recently toured the magnificent Museum of Musical Instruments in Phoenix.  One highlight was getting to see and hear the massive Decap Apollonia dance organ.  (Log onto for a demonstration).  While the color, music and amusement were great; the most compelling part was its impact on the museum customers.  They were noticeably moved, amused, and enriched by the unexpected experience.  Make your customer experience like a dance organ and watch your customers swoon, spend and sing your praises.

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