My passport expired. It expired four days before I was to fly to Toronto for a keynote.


But, that’s not the bad news. The “omagod” side is I did not discover my oversight until the day before my flight.


The good news is I was able to contact a pricey “get your passport renewed in two hours” facility in Atlanta.


So, the hiccup had a happy ending. But, it made me wonder why my travel agent did not catch the impending expiration in plenty of time for me to renew. I am sure there must be a travel agent app that can keep track of client’s passport expiration dates. They never forget my birthday!


My doctor reminds me when it is time to get my physical exam and flu shot; my pharmacist refills my prescriptions and alerts me when they are ready for pickup. The sticker on my windshield signals me when it is time for an oil change. My florist never lets me forget my mother’s birthday. I even have a rain gauge sensor that shuts off or turns on my sprinkler system based on when it last rained.


Sometimes reminders and cues are tied to added revenue to the reminder, like my florist. Regardless of the motive, however, we appreciate the help.


Customers lives are full to the brim. They struggle with data overload and often get overscheduled in today’s “time’s up” world. They value organizations that help them get through the chaos, clutter, and constant commotion of daily life.


What are ways you can help your customers lower their anxiety and remove their angst? How can you serve as your customer’s tickler system?


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Image via freeGaphicToday at Pixabay.