We broke the bank when we bought out our current house and built a large indoor spa off the master bedroom. It is a godsend at the end of a hectic day. When our three granddaughters come for a visit, the spa becomes an aquatic playground. We keep snorkels on hand and costume jewelry to be thrown in the bottom of the spa. It turns a calm soaking into a rumbunctious adventure when coupled with 56 jets! Unfortunately, the carpet surrounding the spa gets a heavy downpour.

Typically, this would necessitate a “like it never even happened” clean-up chore. But we installed boat carpet. Once the marine action stops and the ceiling fan is turned on, the excess water evaporates in minutes, leaving the spa area dry, pristine, and ready for the next aquatic attack.

“Boat Carpet” is a metaphor for service anticipation and preparation. It is the doctor’s office that puts a variety of phone chargers in the waiting area, knowing sometimes unexpected emergencies keep a doctor from being on-time. It is the grocery store near a large camping area that sells coffee filters individually, knowing the often-forgotten item does not need to be remedied by offering only a package of 100 filters. It is the car wash that provides different colored cleaning rags (with instructions) to be used in polishing different parts of a car. Customers hate inadvertently using a rag with tire wax on their windshield.

Look for ways to anticipate customer issues and employee challenges by implementing a solution that keeps everyone happy. And when you install an indoor spa, and you know young ones might have too much fun, put in boat carpet and watch your worries evaporate!