An organization’s values may shape or inform its culture. An organization’s brand influences how it shows up in the world and how customers remember and relate to it. An organization’s mission defines its purpose, its reason for being. An organization’s commitments will guarantee its survival.

Here’s why: most businesses want to attract more customers and keep those customers for as long as possible. It’s the combination of acquiring a growing customer base and retaining each customer long-term that makes the biggest difference to an organization’s success.

I’ve identified four important commitments that fuel audience expansion, customer acquisition and retention. Value, consistency, generosity, and longevity drive long-term success.

It all starts with value. Value is determined by the customer. My husband, who follows a very low carb diet, doesn’t find value in Cinnabon. He doesn’t eat their products. Ever. On the other hand, my carb loving daughter delights in both the sounds and smells of Cinnabon. Your business and products don’t have to be valuable for everyone but they do have to add value for your customers. Focus on the unique value you can bring to the individuals or businesses who are seeking your product or service.

Show up with value consistently. Consistency builds trust. I have been a loyal customer of a popular Mexican food chain for nearly two decades. But over the last couple of years, my family and I have noticed that they seldom deliver our take-out orders accurately. The lack of consistency undermines the value I previously associated with the chain. It’s impossible to deliver fantastic service to your customers without consistency.

Deliver value generously. My favorite customer service expert, Chip Bell, who hosts this blog, talks about the difference between value-added service and value-unique service. Organizations can’t give everything away for free and sustain their businesses. But a value of and commitment to generosity, woven throughout your company’s culture, can be expressed to customers without a single penny of expense. You can be generous through time, attention, education, and energy. A smile is generous. An extra moment of explanation is generous. Listening is an act of generosity.

Deliver value over time, creating longevity. In order to have a lasting impact with customers, you need a long-term relationship with them. More time equals more impact. If your product or service is delivered consistently and customers experience you as generous, they’ll want to stick with you.

These four commitments will help you be memorable to your customers: they’ll know the value you can bring, they’ll trust you to deliver, they’ll be drawn by your generosity, and they’ll stick around.

If you are looking for ways to deliver a fantastic customer experience, consider these questions:

  • Are you clear about the value you’re creating and who the people are who find value in your product/service?
  • Are you willing to provide value consistently to your customers? What might get in the way of your consistency?
  • Are you committed to sharing value with your customers generously?
  • Are you committed to longevity, building a long-term relationship with your customers?
  • How will these four commitments improve your customers’ experience of your organization?


Becky Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Weaving Influence, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in digital and integrated marketing services and public relations for book authors and thought leaders, including business executives, coaches, trainers and speakers. Her first book with Berrett-Koehler Publishers titled, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause, launches this week.