She had the entire line of the check-out counter completely mesmerized. It was as if she was using us as her test audience for a comedy try-out. And she was funny and entirely unleashed. Yet, she never slowed her rhythmic action on the grocery story register and pushing groceries to the bagger on her left.

“Do you think she is being sincere or is this just an act?” asked one patron to another just a few steps ahead of me in line. “Frankly,” the woman replied, “I am so tired of plain vanilla service at places like this, I am thoroughly enjoying her show.” The comment made me think about a new tree in the front yard at my river house in North Georgia. It is a Bloodgood Japanese Maple planted last year. It will ultimately reach 20-25 feet tall with a branch spread of 20 feet. But this is its very first Fall. 

When we walked out of the front door, my wife commented. “It’s showing off!” We stood for a while admiring its beauty, its command of its environment, and the compelling influence it seemed to have over any living creature in its visual path.  

My thoughts returned to the check-out clerk in the grocery store. What does it take to get associates to “show off?” Instead of hiding under a “don’t asked me anything” curtain of invisibility, what if they were attentive guides and enthusiastic helpers. What if they had special hosting talents which they were excited to share with customers? What if they took a keen interest in a small child in tow or an elderly parent under the watchful eye of a customer. What if they performed a unique heart-warming extra for customers? 

Encourage your employees to “show off” their best stuff. Let them “steal the show.” Your customers will demand an encore and return with the family, their friends, and their funds.