“I write children’s books because there are no unicorns in adult literature, and today’s world needs unicorns.” The quote came from renowned children’s book author Jackson Pearce at a weekend Writers Retreat sponsored by Georgia Writers Museum. The sentiment could be equally applied to great a customer experience. Customers love magical moments and enchanting connections. And at a time of worldwide stress, domestic chaos, and economic anxiety, what could be a more noble goal?

We think of enchantment as the playground for children’s imaginations. But there is a customer experience principle at play. Enchantment is the outcome when children’s stories and children’s imaginations partner to entertain, intrigue, instruct and inspire. Enchantment is not a boardroom word; it is a playground word. Playgrounds, like the circus, are for children of all ages. Playgrounds are also not a place or a park. They are simply the nature of a relationship for people who pursue fulfillment through the wholesomeness of their alliance, removing judgmental attitudes and ego-protecting shields.

There are obviously times when routine and standardization must be the guardrails of the customer’s experience. Settings in which safety is a leading feature, or circumstances laden with required regulations are not the best venues for whimsy. However, there are often ways to subtly guide the adventure to ensure a happy outcome.

Cracker Jack is a brand that has been around for over one hundred years. Its sweet spot is not the molasses-flavored popcorn and peanuts in the brightly colored box. It is the free prize inside—a gift that is financially worthless but emotionally priceless. The enchantment lies in not knowing precisely what is ahead since you have not yet gotten a chance to complete your story. Make your customer experience an enchanting journey with a surprise ending. Find unicorns in how you deliver experiences for those you serve.