Pontoon boats are fantastic! I have had my share of speedboats, rafts, and canoes. But the versatility of a pontoon boat cannot be beaten! It can carry eight people on a leisurely late afternoon boat ride complete with proper adult beverages. It can make grandchildren squeal as it propels them riding on an inflated raft over large wakes at breathtaking speeds. It can be a perfect platform for pulling in a fish fit for bragging rights! My pontoon boat has a stereo radio, CD player, private changing closet, and a canvas roof you can raise in case you get caught in an unexpected shower.

It is a perfect metaphor for innovative customer service. Pontoon service is the waitress who says, “Whatever you can imagine, we can prepare to your liking.” It is the doctor who is willing to meet you on a Sunday afternoon in the office to figure out your malady. Pontoon service is the dry cleaner willing to open an hour early so you can get the clothes you forgot to pick up for a business trip as you race to the airport for a morning flight. It is the florist who reminds you that Mother’s Day is a week away or the hotel that remembers you like a room on a high floor on the sunny side of the building.

Pontoon customer service is versatile and accommodating. It adapts to you instead of requiring you to be shoehorned into its rigid system. Pontoon customer service delights in making you thrilled, not just functionally fulfilling your needs like some commercial obligation. It can be as quick as you need, give you as much rope as you require, and be as accessible as you want. Pontoon service never communicates a hint of indifference or apathy. Look for ways to give your customers pontoon service, and they will always want to hitch a ride with you, bringing their friends along to share the trip.