I was fortunate enough yesterday to get my second COVID-19 vaccine. It was a giant relief, one that more than compensated for twenty-four hours of arm soreness. It was the peace of mind that, despite vaccine shortage or administrative challenges, I am now protected—at least 95%. The feeling of anxiety-reduction was significantly different than I felt after the first vaccine. Your customers are no different.

Customers can view excellent service as an exception, a fluke, or an accident. Someone had a great day; the stars were properly aligned; or the stock market was up. We can make up all manner of reasons for that notable incident of excellent customer service.  

But the next time excellent service happens—the second shot—customers have to rethink their assumption of it being a mere accident. Now, it is the start of a pattern. A solid repeated pattern makes a brand. It is why consistency is so vital to a company’s reputation.  

Incidents of excellent service are always pleasant to customers, even if they are a coincidence. But a pattern of great service is the start of a relationship and, ultimately loyalty. It is why we are happy when a service provider remembers us, recalls our unique needs, or treats us like a valued partner. And consistency is not reserved just for interactions; it includes every component of the customer’s encounter. Look for ways to ensure all your customers get “the second shot.”