Standing on the banks of a magnificent river, your imagination can run wild.  A mighty river can take you many miles, connecting you with countless ports and people along the way.  Rivers are still an important source of commerce transportation.  It is the source of electric power in many places.  Just, consider of all the stories told about the Mississippi river running over 2000 miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans.


After a long rain or heavy storm, a river’s power can quickly erode a solid rock bank, bringing havoc to all in its path.  Swollen rivers have toppled large dams and swallowed up entire towns.  They can completely alter the landscape in their path.


Today’s customers can be wired and dangerous.  Like a mighty river, they are connected to thousands of customers.  They can participate in amazing channels of commerce that link them to goods and services in a fashion a brick and mortar business could never achieve.  And, after the storm of disappointment, they can dangerously erode the profits of a business enterprise or even bring down a dictatorial country.


But, wired customers don’t have to act as dangerous customers.  Serving with a partnership perspective can turn a frustrated customer ready to go viral into an advocate ready to voice admiration.  What can you do to put more partnership into the way you serve today’s wired and dangerous customers?


Image via Free-photos on pixabay